How To Recover Young People From Electronic Screen Addiction

BOMBARDED participants are trained to use a highly structured recovery program which 

  • Reverses the neurological harm already caused by electronic screens.
  • Ends screen addiction and difficult screen-driven behaviors.
  • Fills the void with non-screen interests (in 4 strategic areas).
  • Restores family relationships (i.e. parents get their kids back).
  • Provides children, adolescents and young adults with a balanced, healthy, happier life where screen time is a servant, not a master.
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What's included?

  • 7 Modules (Video 6 hours)
  • Step By Step Manual
  • Research Library
  • Resources / Tools
  • Certificate of Completion

Expert Presenter 

Paul Newcombe is a Pediatric Occupational Therapist who has been working with clients who struggle with neurological conditions since 1994.

He has spoken internationally on a variety of pediatric issues and has more recently become a powerful voice raising awareness regarding the biological impact of too much electronic screen time.  

Guest Presenter

Tone Loke is a guest presenter who provides a detailed description of his years-long addiction to video games. He takes an honest and revealing look at the overall impact upon his high school, university, working and social life. He's a fascinating speaker who provides essential insights into the world of video game addiction.

Course Lessons

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Why I created

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The First 10 Minutes...

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Participant Feedback

I just completed the controlled electronic fast part of the program. And my teenage boy with phone and gaming issues has more than survived, he's done extremely well. The first two days were rough. He didn't leave his room and was extremely moody. However, on day three his craving started to subside. By the end of the first week his mood was starting to resemble his personality from two years ago. He wasn't asking for screens and he wanted to stop and talk to me. It was almost surreal. The first couple of times it happened I was almost in shock, I just stood there with my mouth open.

By the end of the fast my son was doing all kinds of non-screen things with his time. And he actually came and thanked me for helping him with this.

As a mum, I'm sleeping better. I'm very happy with the entire process.

Jan Miller
I just wanted to to say thank you to Paul. I'm nearing the end of my journey. And it's been successful at every point.

I've still got places to go when it comes to the long-term new interests for my son. The treatment module in the Bombarded Course really helped to identify interests in the areas that a child needs. It's like a barrier to future problems with screens. So I'm about to jump into that.

While my daughter had always been a straight A student, my son's grades had dropped quite badly over the past two years. Now he's back to being motivated and his test scores have improved markedly. His teacher can't figure out what's happened?

I was very worried about losing my kids to their obsessions, however, now I've got them back again and I'm MUCH happier as a result. 
Audrey Budde
I implemented this program with my son because he was living in his room with his Nintendo DS and his phone. 

The program is excellent. I definitely needed a lot of guidance so I could unplug my boy without going through World War 3. The electronics fast absolutely transformed my son's mood, however, knowing how to administer it properly was critical. I got stacks of guidance and felt confident as we moved through the steps together.  

My son is now hooked on wrestling. We used a couple of the hobby search engines Paul recommends and immediately found a wrestling program close to us. My husband went and did it with my son (who needed some support getting started). They both loved the classes and now it's all my boy talks about!! He's making new friends who are really into this sport and he's learning all kinds of discipline. "Hard work and dedication" is the motto of his coach, and, believe it or not, my son has really embraced it. This is excellent.

His mood is way better. He's excited about his life.

Fiona Sheridan
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To all the wonderful Health Professionals, Teachers, and Parents...

Thank you for all your support over the years.
You change the lives of our Youth every day.
Pediatric Focus is always in your debt.

Paul Newcombe
Founder, Pediatric Focus 
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